AUH and Ministry of Earth Sciences

At a time when the nation’s economic development and environmental concern
must be taken together to achieve sustainable, effective growth
monitoring, analysis and modeling of environmental parameters, in particular air
quality and health are of much greater importance to a nation like India
which has promised itself an acceleration of its economy by 3.2 billion dollars per
annually to $5 trillion by 2025 and $10 trillion by 2035.
Amity University Haryana for its world-class research and development in the
field of earth and environmental sciences today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with India
Department of Meteorology (IMD), Ministry of Earth Sciences to promote a new era
of a partnership between the university and the Indian government, to strengthen
the nation’s scientific advancement and sustainable innovation technology.
Speaking on the occasion, Professor PB Sharma, Vice Chancellor, AUH, said: “This MoU
will help students and faculty members plan and execute joint research
projects, capacity building, field studies and consultancy projects in the field of
Earth/Environmental/Atmospheric Sciences, and bring out publications and
explore together the use of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, AI and
geospatial technologies in the fields of earth and environmental sciences.
Professor Sharma added: “This collaboration will also lead student researchers
and faculties towards a more effective university-industry and government
the integration.”
Dr. SD Attri, Scientist G, IMD, during his address, said that “this MoU
will be useful for scholars, but also for master’s students
and Graduation who pursue their studies in Earth, Atmospheric, Polar
Science and oceanography. Students and faculties will have the opportunity to
visit the polar regions for their various research projects. The new capacity building
programs, certificate courses can also be started under this MoU”.
Dr VK Soni, head of the Center for Environmental Monitoring and Polar Meteorology, who
addressed the rally via an online platform, said “IMD has
collaborated with different Amity university campuses, as well as with Amity

Haryana University. Previous ongoing collaborations with AUH have been great
success for research on the dynamics of air quality and the impacts of climate change.
Now we will open new doors that will increase opportunities
and student and faculty awareness.
Dr RK Giri, Head Organization, and Dr Sanjay Bisht Scientist E, IMD also
appreciated the Memorandum of Understanding and expressed their wishes for a fruitful collaboration
between the two prestigious organizations.
It can be mentioned that AUH has been ranked in the top 50 (32) for SDG-7 for cleaning
and affordable energy, in the top 100 (63) for SDG-6 for drinking water and sanitation
and in the top 200 for SDG-13 relating to the fight against climate change and its impact on
the Times Higher Education World Higher Education Impact Ranking in 2022,
which has been evaluated in approximately 1500 universities in 110 countries.
AUH also has an air quality monitoring station established in 2017 in collaboration
and cooperation with IITM, Pune, Ministry of Earth Sciences and has its assets
collaboration with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland, USA for the
monitoring of optical, microphysical and radiative parameters of aerosols for Global
Warming and climate change studies using NASA’s Aeronet facility at
AUH Campus. The university has also been actively engaged in air quality monitoring
including ashes from fireflies resulting from subtle burning in the surroundings
Haryana and Delhi NCR regions.
The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the august presence of Professor PB Sharma, Vice-Chancellor,
AUH, Prof. Dr PCS Devara, Director, ACOAST, Prof Rajendra Prasad, Director, AIB,
Deans and HoI’s and Dr Ravi Manuja, Registrar, AUH, and Dr VK Soni, Scientist F,
IMD, MoES, Dr RK Giri, Head of Organization, IMD, MoES, Dr Sanjay Bisht, Scientist
E, IMD, MoES and Dr SD Attri, Scientist G, IMD, MoES.
The program was broadcast live on amityunilive and was followed by a large number
a number of teachers and students from all over India. Maj Gen GS Bal (retired), DSW,
Prof IS Thakur, Director-ASEES, Sq Leader SK Singh (Retd), Director-
Administration, Rear Admiral KK Pandey (Retired), Director-HR, Dr Gunjan M
Sanjeev, Director – International Affairs, Dr HRP Yadav, HoD – Civil Engg,
Subhash Tiwari, Research Associate, Dr. Sanjna Vij, Program Director, AASTC, Dr.
Amrit Kumar, AP, COAST also attended the event.