Crowd Content Media to Acquire Content Refined & Rocket Content AI

Crowd Content Media has acquired Content Refined, a content marketing platform that helps businesses scale content creation, along with its subsidiary, Rocket Content AI.

This is Crowd Content’s first acquisition since joining the portfolios of CanadaWise Capital and Californiabased at Cetina Capital in November 2020. The move aligns with Crowd Content’s aggressive drive to grow its market share and expand its product offerings to include content strategy, SEO services, and AI-powered products.

“Content marketing is an increasingly competitive landscape that remains a necessary investment for businesses to establish their brands and expand their customer base,” explains Carlos Meza, CEO of Crowd Content. “We solve the challenges businesses face in content production by creating an all-in-one content solution focused on supporting businesses through their entire journey, from content strategy to publication. The acquisition of Content Refined and Rocket Content AI brings us closer to that goal.

Since 2011, Crowd Content has been helping brands create content ready to publish at scale with its powerful self-service marketplace tools and fully managed services. More than 6,000 customers, including Best Buy, Semrush, Walmart and Indeed, have used Crowd Content’s in-house content managers and freelance writers, editors, subject matter experts and translators to execute high-volume content projects that are almost impossible to achieve. accomplish internally.

Content Refined’s focus on content strategy and publishing, combined with Rocket Content AI’s innovative artificial intelligence technology, cements Crowd Content’s evolution from pure content writing to a true content solution. one-stop shop.

“Companies that invest in their content strategies stand out from their competitors and see their profits grow,” says Content Refined CEO Narcis Bejtic. “It’s Content Refined’s passion to facilitate these investments for business owners and content managers, and Crowd Content’s commitment to providing scalable content solutions for businesses perfectly complements these values.”

With the acquisition, Content Refined’s proven talented team, comprising management, writers, editors and project managers, has access to a broader set of resources to help support their vast client base and propel them forward. towards continuous and aggressive growth.

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