Lexicon MILE starts student transformation from day one

The beginning of a new academic career brings its share of apprehensions and
challenges. No matter the age, a fresh start is always exciting but at the same time
a little nervous. To facilitate this transition for its new students, the Lexicon
Leadership Excellence Management Institute [Lexicon MILE] organized a 2 week
initiation before the start of the academic sessions.
Over 23 accomplished speakers and leaders from around the world and from a variety of backgrounds
worked with students during the 2 week program to kick off their 2 year journey into
Believe in themselves and set them up for success. The speakers came from the United States
UK, Italy, UAE and across India to add to the student journey.
The main objective of the speakers was to set the tone for the student’s journey and to give him a
perspective on life to come and a fantastic opportunity to network. International
Speakers Andrew Thompson, Academic Director – University of South Wales, UK connected on
the importance of globalization and how ‘culture’ is the key to success for any organization.
Stefano Pelle, founder and director of SP Associates Management Consultants connected
the dots between leadership, networking, business and golf, and Sameer Soni and Nitin
Kalra from the United Arab Emirates emphasized “bringing out the best in yourself” and “the brand
Development and Licensing’ respectively.
From the session on how memory can be improved by Guinness Book Record Holder P
Mahadevan to Leadership insights on Taking Risks by Mr. Sakaar Anand, India Head and
Head of Human Resources at BMC Software, students had great access and learnings. All stakeholders
added their perspective with interactions between Ashwani Chaloo, CEO of Kshitij
Management Consultant and Craig Wedge, Founder and Managing Director of Reserve Wines
Pvt Ltd and students bought interesting conversations with finance education
ethics, personal ethics and honesty.
Through highly personalized one-on-one interaction with students, Mr. Pankaj Sharma,
Chairman – The Lexicon Group of Institutes and Chairman and Managing Director, Pune Mirror, Civic Mirror
& MultiFit introduced the importance of values, then followed with a deep dive into
Learning strategies and how to take advantage of 8+ tools to improve learning
Understanding of various leadership traits and emotional and spiritual intelligence were
Appreciate a lot. The program was also honored by His Eminence the 8th Chokyang Palga
Rinpoche aimed to find inner peace and leverage it for his success. It was
supported by Dr Ruhee Shekhar who recognized the importance of yoga and chakra healing
to help students develop a plan on how to connect with themselves. The program is very
unique because companies pick up students during the first week and depending on the
potential and program that Lexicon MILE offers in establishing students as leaders and
Contractors. 8 Students received internship offers from Searchbourne Consulting when they first
week of course registration.
“The key for me is making sure students align and understand the journey they are on.
about to launch. At Lexicon MILE, it is both critical and important to us that others
than academics, we focus on the configuration and value system, ethics, integrity, commitment and

especially the mindset of “believing in yourself”. A lot of effort and time is invested in
work with students to prepare for success and their integration into the
Lexicon Family culturally. Integration is also an excellent opportunity for students to
network and improves their social net worth,” says Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO – The
Institute group Lexicon, MultiFit and EduCrack.
Overall the initiation was a success as the students were able to learn and connect with
teachers outside the classroom. Real-life experiences and real-life preparation
obstacles are something Lexicon MILE instills in every student, and this tutorial worked like
a great way to prepare them to embark on a new journey full of endless adventures
learning opportunities.